SIT GP Project


SIT GP project was set up as a response to a recent (May 2016) workshop consisting of 60 women from LBTH. These women articulated that they felt unable to access mainstream service due to language barriers (particularly GPs), SIT therefore secured a CCG innovation grant to deliver a pilot project.

The project started in July 2016 and will end in June 2017.

This project will recruit 10 volunteers and place them in ten Health Centre’s to enable Somali patients to have better access to GPs, as well as giving the volunteers the opportunity to obtain the required skills, experience and confidence to apply for future jobs within GPs, therefore leading to a more sustainable solution, and a work force that represents the local community.

All our volunteers can speak Somali and English and have a strong record of working and supporting the target group.

  • Contact the main office or keep an eye out on our website to see the surgeries involved in this project
  • Projects open to those that speak little or no English and registered with one of the surgeries that is part of the project.

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